Psalm 62

         Psalm 62.5-11, a paraphrase

For you alone my soul in silence waits.
         In you alone my confidence is rooted.
God, you are my steadiness, my solid ground.
         In you I find my resolute steadfastness.
You are my only security, my truest strength.
         You are where I belong.

People, notice where you put your trust:
         root it in God, not some other fluff.
Let your heart and God flow into each other.
         It’s where we all belong.

The way we judge and compare people
         is a complete delusion.
A noble person, a lowlife—it’s a sham.
         Who made this up? Who believes it?

Don’t think your life will be enriched
         by getting your way, or having stuff.
Learn to see through the shimmer
         to what really matters, what really is.

Pay attention: it keeps coming up:
         God is the only power.
And God, you are the only Love,
         No matter what we do.


Copyright © Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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