Prayer for a busy day

Gentle One,
I have too much to do today,
tasks and deadlines swarming,
wave after wave of demands,
and under every bridge the ogres
of people’s fears and expectations.
The monster of my failure lurks.

Loving One,
give me grace to step outside of this illusion.
To see through the smoke and mirrors
of pressure and anxiety.
To get out of other people’s fairy tales.
Let me see only what is real,
what matters, what heals.
Let me fall in love with you on the elevator.

Present One,
may my only desire today
be to be lovingly present in you,
to seek and to live your delight,
to do one thing at a time,
with attentiveness and grace.
May I walk gently with you
through this pleading and anxious world
with courage and healing in my heart.

Peaceful One,
the stones and arrows approach—
and on your face
a little smile.


Copyright © Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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