The armor of God

          Put on the whole armor of God. —Ephesians 6. 11

 God of love, I confess
the defenses I thought I needed
that shielded me from my fears,
that walled me from my world.
Even my own faith has been at times
a gun beneath my pillow.

Hand of Grace, hold me safe,
not from danger, pain or loss,
but from anger, fear and bitterness.
Protect me from the urge
to remove myself. Purge me
of my sinful armor.

Gentle One, be my armor.
Lift from me the shell that held me.
Let me rest in you alone,
exposed to all of life, and unafraid.
Don’t give me faith to hide behind,
or strength, or crafty piety:
my only armor you yourself,
my only hope, my surest rest.
Be my death, from which
no other death can take me.

Be my armor, God of love,
my skin, my world, my home.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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