By the Sea of Tiberias

Dearly Beloved,
Grace and Peace to you.


Defeated, burdened by
the dark repeating,
the dead weight of finality,
abandoned in our losses,
power failure,
collapse of choice,
we suddenly grew old and fruitless.
The door closed to the place
to begin again.
Grave and determined,
we went back
and threw our nets.
In the narrow night
we caught nothing.

Then —

Who but the Beloved
would call us that,
awaken such a dawn?

Who else would name our void?
Once again we are turned,
shown an unaccustomed way,
welcomed to another side
where something opens up
and miracles are brought
from deep beneath us— too much
magnificence for us
alone, too much.
Our bodies are startled.

A voice of recognition—
not from our head but another—
sings out, the alarm
of knowing what we know.
We put on white robes
and throw ourselves
into the baptismal deep.

On the shore — is this the near
one now, or far? —
you give us once again this
self of you, this whole, this you.
You break our fast with wonder.
We feast, astonished
from our hands,
yet from beyond.
We offer what we have been given,
this multiplying banquet.

How can we not then,
withholding nothing,
even what is not yet given,
feed your sheep?




Deep Blessings
Pastor Steve
Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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