Earth psalm

Earth of me, womb of me, whole of my life,
vast swirling winds of my lungs,
wide heaving seas of my blood,
mountains of my heart,
and my imagination’ deserts, steppes and jungles,
greening branches of my fingers,
all you interwoven species of me,
living beings unseen in my ocean depths —
praise! Praise the hand that makes you,
gives you life and sends you forth each day.

For your deep generosity, life overflowing,
beauty astounding and close-woven love
I thank you! I praise you! I sing you! I live!

I am your spring, your sprout, your blossom,
I am your breathing, your dreaming, your hope;
of your billowing, your billions, your teeming,
I am one. We are one. We are one.

Earth of us, river and grasses and stone,
teach us your patience, your giving, your faith,
teach us to flourish, to nourish, to flow,
with your courage to send out the tendrils of love,
the rivers and currents and jet streams of blessing,
to blossom, audacious, to soak up your sun,
to give and receive life, to be one, to be one.

Earth of us, home of us, whole of us and more,
may we live with reverence, act with care,
evolve with grace, be wounded and heal,
and in all our living praise you, serve you,
and show with abundant and manifold glory
the grace of the One who makes us,
who makes us for each other, and so well,
with such tender and intricate wonder and love.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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