Walking in your woods, God, I know I am your creature: not a figment of my own design, but a work of your hands, made of bone and spirit, love and tissue, Word and flesh wed masterfully in me. I am made of earth, of star-forged, earth-stirred atoms that have flowed in streams and coursed through seas and lain in hills for millions of years, that have found their way in living beings for generation and have joined for this brief moment in me. Your galaxies whirl silently in me; all living beings pass through my veins. I am a work of beauty whose source and end is wonder, whose purpose, beyond all goals, beyond all success or failure, is simply to be, reflecting your glory. My being is your praise. You place me in this world, weave me with all Creation, and intend my deep belonging. I live in awe of your beauty in me, in reverence for my being, and for all living things. I give thanks that in woods or offices, sitting by a pond or standing in an elevator, among silent trees or in a clattering city, I am your creature, made by your love, made for your joy. Creator: I your creature praise you, and thank you for this wonder of life. I trust your hand. I give myself to you. Amen.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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