Let me see

let me see with your eyes.
Let me see myself clearly, no shame,
no expectations, just a soul being me.

Let me rise above myself and see
as my own observer, over my shoulder,
see others and their worlds,
not centered in mine.

Let me see the universe, and me in it,
all just as glorious as can be,
me and the suffering ones, and the haughty,
and my enemies, there among the stars.

Let me see the world beyond me,
outside my little grasp, the world
without me, before I came, after I am gone,
whole and beautiful.

Let me see with your hope,
your delight, your compassion.
Let me see with the eyes of one
who loves what you have made.

Beloved, let me see with your eyes
until I disappear, and there is only
you, your eyes, your infinite heart,
gently seeing.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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