A meditation on the Magnificat (Luke 1.47-55)

My soul magnifies you, O Lord…          
         Your praise is already alive deep within me.

and my spirit rejoices in you, my Savior…
         My heart reaches out to you, who reach out to me.

for you have looked with favor on the lowliness of your servant.
         You see not my status but my belovedness.

Surely, from now on all generations will call me blessed.
         It is not arrogant but faithful to receive your blessing.

O Mighty One, you have done great things for me.
         May I always be attentive to your grace.

Holy is your name.
         May I keep you always at the center of my life.

From generation to generation you have shown mercy
to those who are in awe of you.
         I hold in my heart the loving things you have done for us.

You have shown strength with your arm.
         You have already disarmed the powers.

You have scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts.
         I am no better than a thief, no less than a saint.

You have brought down the powerful from their thrones.
         The powers of this world are an illusion.

You have lifted up the lowly…
         Those who appear lowly are full of your power and glory.
You have filled the hungry with good things…
         You bless those whose blessings are unseen.

You have sent the rich away empty.   
         I am prepared to lose as well as to gain for your sake.     

You have helped your servant Israel, in remembrance of your mercy…
         Beloved, your grace changes everything.

according to the promise you made to our ancestors,
to Abraham and Sarah and their descendants forever.
          I will be a part of your new Creation, this world of justice and mercy.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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