You are the Breath

Heavenly Mother, you birth me in love.
         Give me life anew.
You create new worlds.
         Create me again.
You sustain me moment by moment.
         Birth me in love.

Living One, you are the Breath.
         I am your song. Sing me.
You are the wind.
         I am mist. Carry me where you will.
You are my Spirit.
         I am your flesh. Move in me.

Beloved, you call me in mystery.
         Show me the road.
You promise me blessing.
         Bear me into the unknowing.
You ask my trust.
         Holy One, be my journey.

Born of water and Spirit,
         I flow by your grace.
Born of water and Spirit,
         I flow by your grace.      

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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