Conflict prayer

Holy Breath,
today I will face a conflict I don’t want to face.
I pray for your Spirit:
not the flaming power to vanquish enemies,
but the warmth to soften hearts,
the tongues of flame to speak the truth,
the light to see clearly, and to be light for others.
I breathe deeply of your life-giving wind,
the Word that creates, the song that blesses.
May your breath of life fill me and guide me,
and be my only power.
Regardless of the outcome,
be my breathing and my speaking.

Holy Breathing, hold my being from the inside.
By your grace in me
may I be steadfast and reverent,
true to myself and compassionate,
lithe and persistent, strong and gentle.
May my only goal be to love,
my only hope to witness to your faithfulness.

I breathe in your grace; I breathe out your love.
Holy Breathing: peace.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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