O Holy Trinity

                  (If you want you can sing this
                  to the Tune of Finlandia)

O Holy One, O Mystery beyond us,
we praise you, Lord, O Grace without a name.
Creator of the universe within You,
source of our life, Thou Infinite Divine,
unseen, unknown, we cannot frame or bind you,
only our wonder and our praise proclaim.

O Loving One, O Love who made the heavens,
you choose to come among us as our own,
the Living Word, in flesh revealed, Companion,
stranger and Friend, whose suff’ring is your throne.
Eternal Christ who humbly dies among us,
your tender mystery in love is known.

O Living One, O Grace who lives in our life,
we can’t contain you, but we can adore.
Spirit of Love beyond, beside, within us,
into our hearts your healing presence pour.
Many and One, O Myst’ry, Christ and Spirit,
we sing, we live your praise forevermore.


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