Don’t sell yourself out to be used as a weapon of injustice,
         but—mindful that you have been brought from death to life—
         make yourself available to God as an instrument of justice.

                  —Romans 6.2

Holy One, you see through
my pretense of independence,
my illusion of control.
It’s my human nature to be a slave:
bound up by my desires,
controlled by my fears, my habitual wound.
I will be a slave.
So let me be a slave to you.

May I be free of the illusion of control,
possessed by your love,
an instrument in your hand,
a tool of compassion,
a servant of your peace,
present and available for you,
and so utterly free
of the world’s anxiety.

May my freedom be in you,
in the choice to serve you,
to belong to you,
to work for justice;
by your grace in me,
your presence for me,
and this—your astounding devotion
to be my servant.

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