Free to love

         This is the passover of the Lord.
         I will pass over you,
         and no plague shall destroy you

                  —from Exodus 12.11, 13

         Owe no one anything,
         except to love one another;
         for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.

                  —Romans 13.8

You have been set free.
From all your guilt and shame,
from all the debts you thought you owed,
all obligations and duties,
you have been set free.
From fear of death,
from the power of your brokenness
to define or control you,
you have been set free.

Now everything you do may be an act of love.
Even a requirement, even the strictest law,
even what you do not choose,
do not as a duty but an act of compassion.
Let love be perfected in you.

You are free to love,
and so to become your truest self,
to wield your greatest power,
to live your greatest life.


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