John 3.14-21

In the desert Moses lifted up an image of healing;
so the Human One is lifted up
so that we can trust,
and receive the life that flows forever from God.  
For God so loved the world
that God came as the Beloved Child among us,
so that in trusting in God’s love,
we would not be limited by death,
but live that life that is infinite.
God came as the Beloved into the world
not to condemn anybody,
but to save the whole world with Love.
Trusting in love, we lay hold of life;
without that trust, we waste away—
trust that God has actually come among us in love.

This is the Truth,
and it shines among us like light.
Of course we try to hide our brokenness in the dark;
we want to stay out of the light,
and avoid seeing our evil exposed.
But the truth draws us into the light,
so that we can see clearly,
see that who we are and all we do
comes from God.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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