Christ, my vine

Christ, my vine,
         you are my life.
I am your branch.
         Your life flows through me,
         your love flows through me.
My life is the fruit of your presence,
         my thoughts the vessels of your grace,
         my deeds the movements of your spirit.

I am one with you and with all your branches.
         I receive the life that all receive.
Our life endures
         only in our oneness.

Prune all of me that does not bear your fruit;
         though I cry out, I willingly surrender it.
Bear fruit in me as you desire,
         though I disbelieve or resist, bear fruit.

Christ, living vine, you are my life,
         and I am your living branch,
         your life-giving fruit.
Vine … and branch.
         Life … and fruit.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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