Tiny hands

Dearly Beloved,
Grace and Peace to you.

When it seems great might
or wisdom is demanded of you,
great effort to prevail,

renounce your despair.
Lay down your burden.
Come down to this place
on this earth, this day.
Do something small and simple.

Notice the ground, the wind.
Boil an egg. Tie a shoe.
Make eye contact.
Put one foot before the other,
just for this day, this walk.
Let this breath’s life fill you
and give it back.
Be here.

Worms redeem the soil,
green leaves cover the woods,
one little thing at a time.
With such small hands
Being unfolds in you,
God creates the world,
and it is good.

Deep Blessings,
Pastor Steve

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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