Ephesians 1.15-23

I pray that God, the Womb of Love,
who in Jesus has embodied among us
the love that creates and orders our lives
and makes them good and beautiful,
may awaken in you deep awareness
of God’s presence and love.
With the eyes of your heart enlightened
may you have the hope God has for you;
may you live in wonder and trust
of the gifts we all receive as God’s Beloved;
may you come more deeply to trust
the immeasurable power of God’s love.
It is love that raised Christ from the dead:
the power that orders the universe,
that rules over all human dominion
and all realms before and after humans,
in the visible world and the unseen.
All things are subject to the Lordship of Love.
And we, the church, are the Body of that love,
love that fills everything, and contains everything.

Weather Report

as the visible world passes through
the cloud of God,
dense with divine presence.
Expect heavy showers
as this warm Spirit condenses
into human compassion,
especially in low-lying areas.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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