Hear them, too

Dearly Beloved,
Grace and Peace to you.
O Lord my God, heed the cry and the prayer that your servant prays to you today; that your eyes may be open night and day towards this house. Hear the plea of your servant and of your people Israel when they pray towards this place; O hear in heaven your dwelling-place; heed and forgive…. Likewise when a foreigner, who is not of your people Israel, comes from a distant land… and prays towards this house, then hear in heaven your dwelling-place, and do according to all that the foreigner calls to you….
                  —1 Kings 8.28-30, 41-43

God, hear the prayers of those I do not hear.

The temple of this world is yours, not mine;
You, not I, are the master of the house of my life.
May all who are foreign to me be welcome here,
and heard and blessed.
Hear the prayers of those who are against me,
the pleas of those who are not of my likeness,
outside my awareness, beyond my tribe.
Let my life be a house of prayer for all people.
Occupy the temple of my heart and pray there:
when I pray for all for whom I pray,
may your Spirit pray for those for whom I do not pray;
even in my secret heart,
hear them too, and forgive and bless them.

Deep Blessings,
Pastor Steve

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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