A lament for mental illness

God of mercy,
someone that I love is slowly disappearing,
a dear one taken away inside themselves,
in the thicket of a tangled mind, a broken heart.

I know the person I loved is still in there,
beautiful, noble and dear.
I look in those eyes for a way in,
to see a way out… there is none.

How strange my grief, to lose them so gradually,
torn away, but still in their body,
their life hollowed out,
an empty, cluttered house that haunts me.

My love is rebuffed, my wisdom is useless..
How can there not be a way?

I search your mind. It is as opaque as theirs.
What can I do, then, patient God?
I place them in your care, and myself as well,
for to you no one is lost, no one far.
You love what we cannot see.
You are present where we do not know
and cannot go.

So you must feel, O God, for all your children,
lost and so slow to come home.

Loving One, bless us and keep us.
Today may we be with you in paradise.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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