Half moon

We can only gaze at you,
your light and your darkness,
your visible and your hidden,

and trust what we never see,
how solid, how old, how there,
passing through veils,

not arguing about your absence,
waxing above our ignorance,
tugging at us, our blood and its flows,

what in us wonders and what is resolute,
the long story and your longing,
face made lovely with scars,

and try to imagine what you have seen,
what miracles and terrors, what night
secrets, what things in daylight

when we thought you weren’t looking,
like God, how when we’re not enraptured
we ignore you,

looking down at us with all our sorrow,
all our sleepless nightmares,
looking always with such tender beauty.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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