I thank you


Oh Infinite Love, I thank you.
For the sun, generous and faithful,
for the moon resplendent, I thank you.
For bones and stones and stars and trees,
for light and gravity and photosynthesis,
for metabolism and the miracle of nerves
and the mystery of eyes I thank you.
For the colorful parade of evolution,
for all species and our amazing diversity,
and each person, each in our own way
trying to find love, I thank you.
For the earth and its abundant provision,
its patience and acceptance, I thank you.
For every bite I eat, its genesis in your love
and in the earth, and every species and person
in its long road to my mouth, I thank you.
I thank you for those who have blessed me,
known or unknown, for those I love,
for those whom I shall one day bless, I thank you.
For the gift of my faith and doubts,
my pains and exultations, for all my tears
and the divine gift of laughter, I thank you.
For your love, coming to me through so many,
and through the air, flowing in and through me,
for the grace to love, I thank you.
I thank you for the gift of gratitude
and pray that it may always bless me,
sway me, and lead me toward you.
Oh Infinite Love, let this be my life,
that I thank you and thank you and thank you.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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