Now when all the people were baptized,                  and when Jesus also had been baptized
                  and was praying,
         the heaven was opened,
                  and the Holy Spirit descended upon him
                  in bodily form like a dove.
         And a voice came from heaven,
                  “You are my Son, the Beloved;
                  with you I am well pleased.”

                           —Luke 3.21-22

Chosen One, Beloved,
born of the water of Creation,
the river of a woman,

immersed in God,
plunged in human being:
submerge yourself in me.

Healing river of Christ,
wash over me,
flow in me.

Life-giving breath of God,
wind of first Creation,
breathe in me.

Holy flame of Spirit,
fire of love and justice,
burn in me.

Opening of heaven,
dove of light,
voice of mercy, speak:

“You are my child.
You are my Beloved.
With you I am well pleased.”

Send me on your wind,
flow me as you river,
breathe me into the world,

to love mercy,
to do justice,
to walk humbly with you.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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