Telling the truth


         In recognition of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Dear heart, stop and wait
at the street corner where the lie is told
until you hear, and know.

The society in my head won’t believe,
so it will take time to see through
the intentional fog

who I allow to be human
and who I exclude: black, white,
gay, straight, on and on,

how I wear the mask of normalcy,
but make them bear it for me,
and how deeply in their body.

And then, seeing, heart,
pray for courage to speak
because not to speak is the lie.

Silence is our shackle,
and truth telling the key,
one lock at a time.

The lie is in all of us
but when one starts telling the truth
all of us can begin to get free.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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