Yom Hashoah

                                 Holocaust Remembrance Day

God of love, expose to me the evils I condone
for the sake of my ease and privilege.

Awaken me to the suffering of others
and my dismissal of it.

Heal me of the disease of my racism and sexism,
my phobias and self-protectiveness and denial.

Bring me to awareness and repentance;
daily change my heart from fear to love.

Give me courage to speak out
for those who are blamed, judged or excluded.

Give me love to know them,
to receive from them, to stand with them,
until they are not them but us.

Do not let me be silent before injustice
or safe in the presence of hatred.

Jew and Muslim, Native, queer and black,
poor and imprisoned and foreigner—
either I belong to them and with them
or I am not human.

Let my love be true, my repentance unending,
my heart be broken, my rage be deep;
let my voice be clear, and my courage strong.

God of love, in the darkness may I be light;
in the shouting may I be a song of justice.

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