She speaks what she hears

         When the Spirit of truth comes,
                  she will guide you into all the truth;
         for she will not speak on her own,
                  but will speak whatever she hears,
                  and she will declare to you the things that are to come.

                           â€”John 16.13

Birds know north without looking.
Some fish have a line down their bodies
to sense electrical fields
or changes in water pressure.
Jumping spiders see ultraviolet.
Bees have a little compass of iron
and can read earth’s magnetic field.
And there’s a little silver thing in you
that listens to the Holy Spirit.
It’s really quiet, so you have to be quiet
to hear it listening, but it hears.
You don’t have to hear God;
just let the little silver thing in you
listen to the Spirit and 

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