Behold the fern

In spring behold the fern emerging
in its little fiddlehead,
green and brave and hoping,
its spreading forest
spiraled inside its
feathery fist,
a bishop’s crook
atop its green staff,
its slender, hairy arm
up toward light,
that’s all, just light,
and what it takes to reach like that,
the strength to come up
through the soil’s resistance,
through the weather’s threats,
the will to open that hand,
to give and receive, to greet,
the guts to raise its little coiled glory,
its bowed head, to put it out there
like that, now, so fragile, so fraught,
so much curled within still,
unseen until you wait
to see
unfolding on the forest floor
and in every soul you meet.

____________________ Weather Report

as our partially obscuring vision
gradually clears,
revealing people’s inner light
and the urgency of seeing.

          Deep Blessings, Pastor Steve

__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

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