Psalm 91

You who live in trust of the One,
         who abide in the Holy Presence,
will say, “You are my refuge, my safety,
         my Beloved, to whom I belong.
You save me from those who would use me,
         from what would ruin my life.
You hold me in strong, gentle arms;
         in your company I find shelter;
         in your faithfulness I am home.”

You will not live in fear:
         bad news won’t disturb you,
         threats will not deter you.
Whatever troubles assail you
         your soul is still intact.
Evil will tear at those around you—
          you will feel its torrid breath—
          but it can’t touch your Belovedness.
Look and see with the eyes of your heart
         the agony of those who do evil.
But you trust the Beloved with your life,
         the One Who Holds This
                  with your very being.

Your struggles will not defeat you;
         your losses can’t destroy you.
The Gracious One surrounds you with love,
         companions you steadfastly,
shares your pain,
         keeps your hope alive,
with grace greater than your failings,
         healing deeper than your wounds.
You will stand up to ominous powers
         and resist devious schemes.

The Loving One says, “I am with you.
         I make of you more than you imagine.
Entrust yourself to me;
         I will carry you through this.
Let my love flow through you,
         and I will give you life,
         life that can’t be taken from you.”


Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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