From Zacchaeus’ journal

I never look sillier than
         trying to compensate for shortcomings.

I thought I just wanted to see.
         Did I know I really wanted to be seen?
He had me treed.
         Still does.

Had he waited for me to invite him
         I would still be up that tree.

There was no getting around.
         The only way down was through him.

He loved me
         before it was cool to love me.

Some say he didn’t see my unworthiness,
         but he’s not blind to such trauma.

It was not pity that brought me down,
         it was kinship.

He accepted me even before I repented.
         I changed even before he blessed me,

as if something happened
         before either of us moved.

How did my guest become my host,
         my table become his?

Who knew I had such a generous heart?
         What he sees that we don’t!

It wasn’t just forgiveness but reconnection
         that he called salvation.

I am my own
         walking miracle.


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