Unfinished business

God of peace,
there is work to be done.
There are wounds to mend,
bridges to build,
memories to heal,
dreams to uncover,
hope to exhume.
There is a rend in our souls
to be tended to.
There are despondent hearts
to listen to, and to listen,
and to listen.
And there is a realm to be built
despite all odds, against all powers.
This is your work, and we join you.

God of peace,
give us the courage of warriors,
the strength of saints,
the love of new mothers,
the resilience of gravity,
the patience of breath,
the freedom of children.
May we befriend gentleness
and seek out hope;
may we marry justice
and give our souls to compassion.

Let us hear your voice.
Let us sense your hope.
Let us feel you move.

God of mercy,
give us your mercy.
God of peace,
give us your peace.


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