The Word became flesh and lived among us,
                  full of grace, full of truth,
         from whom we have all received,
                  grace upon grace.

                           —John 1.14, 16

Imagine how wrong it would seem
if Jesus would come,
but not believe he was sent
to embody God’s love.
So wrong would it be
for you to not believe
that you are created to embody God’s love.
The mystery of God’s Word
is that it is made flesh.
It is the Word’s nature to be spoken,
not unspoken, to be made manifest,
to be embodied—
in Christ, in all Creation,
and in you.
This day let every moment,
every choice, every action
be an embodiment of God’s love.
And trust this: even when you fail
God’s love is made flesh in you.


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