Eighth day

A blessed eighth day of Christmas to you.


             I saw a new heaven and a new earth;
             for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away,
             and the sea was no more.
                          —Revelation 21.1


In the early church baptismal fonts were eight-sided
because your baptism is the eighth day of Creation:
God is creating you anew.
How apt that the eighth day of Christmas
is New Year’s Day.
Whether or not you have New Year’s resolutions,
be open to the mystery that God is creating you anew,
new each day,
created not by your effort but God’s grace,
not according to your desires but God’s.
In the darkness and chaos a voice calls out,
“Let there be light.”
You don’t have to work to re-invent yourself,
just let God create you,
give you life, give you purpose,
give you gifts.
Be mindful that God is creating you anew today,
and walk with joy, gratitude and trust
into the new world.

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