Not lacking

         I give thanks to my God always for you
         because of the grace of God
         that has been given you in Christ Jesus,
         for in every way you have been enriched in Christ…
         so that you are not lacking in any spiritual gift.

                           —1 Corinthians 1.4-7

Whatever my call, however unusual or ordinary,
God, you have given me the spiritual gifts I need.
Your Spirit is at work in me,
not of my own effort, but as your gift.
I do not have to have all gifts.
But what I need I have,
because you are in me.
Give me grace to receive your blessings,
to open the eyes of my heart to them
that I may know them and trust them,
and to give of them freely.

God I give thanks for the gifts of your Spirit in me,
and name them now with humble gratitude.
. . .

Remind me today when I tire or doubt:
I am not lacking,
not lacking.
I offer myself to you
as a vessel of your gifts,
that this day I may delight in your peace
and serve you with joy.


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