I will stand


Beloved, by your grace
I willingly accept my poverty of spirit;
         for you bless me with your Realm of love.

I honestly mourn,
         for you bless me with your comfort.

I will be gentle,
          for you bless me with the gift of the earth.

I continue to hunger and thirst for you,
         for you fill me with yourself.

I will show mercy,
         for you shower me with mercy.

I seek to be pure in heart,
         that I may see you.

I will be your peacemaker,
         for I am your child.

I will accept persecution
          for you bless me with your Realm of grace.

I gladly accept that justice and peacemaking
        attract persecution and resistance,     
        for so people treat all those
        who do justice, who love kindness,
        who walk humbly with you.

In my poverty I will stand unbowed,
         for in your grace you bless me.


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