Full moon, shoveling snow

Late night, no lights, full moon, shoveling snow.
The white snow poured out over everything
as if poured out of the silver moon,
making everything into one,
a single white mass.
How can the darkness be so bright?
Knee deep in light,
I can’t tell where the snow ends
and the light begins.
Only blue shadows tell me
where the driveway ends
and the yard begins.
I dig down through the light
to the black pavement,
heave moonlight off the driveway.
It sparkles in dark air,
blending with the sparkling stars,
their hot flame bundled in the black sky
like me in my black coat,
warm in the cold night.
Some of the stars stay in the sky;
some fall in the yard,
beauty falling like snow.
Light piles up around me in the dark.
I am the thrower of light,
enlightening the world.

Now let me live this way,
everything made one in light,
wonder piled up around me.
Let me live sowing light,
so you can’t tell
where I end and the light begins,
until that day when I end
and the light begins.

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