A prayer in dark times

God of mercy,
we cry, we cry to you.
Be with us in our darkness.
May your love prevail over all.
Shelter our broken hearts, hallow our grief,
put your arms around our sorrow.
Bear our losses with us, and receive our death.
Give us wisdom to bear both horror and hope,
to face our brokenness without blame,
and our fear without despair.
Give us grace to meet evil with goodness.
Give us courage to hold the fearful,
to heal the wounded, and to work for justice.
Give us the heart to be peacemakers in a troubled world.
God of mercy, give us mercy.
Sustain us with your love.
Raise us from our graves
and give us courage and mercy.

Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again.



– October 3, 2017


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