Technical Difficulties

For those who subscribe to Unfolding Light by email I have used Google Groups for a long time. But since Oct. 3 Google Groups has failed to accept my messages. I can write to people only one at a time. (There are 2,716 of you.) I guess some algorithm thinks my writing is junk. And apparently it doesn’t think I’m going to improve: the failure seems to be permanent.

Until I get Google Groups fixed, or move to another platform, I can’t distribute. I’m only here on this website and on Facebook. If you subscribe to receive these by email I’ll add you to my list; you just won’t start receiving messages right away.

I’ve spent hours trying to figure out the Google Groups failure (instead of writing). There’s no reason, no explanation, no fix, and no help. An opaque puzzle. A box that can’t be opened. It’s been frustrating. I’ve learned a lot. Mostly about patience.

God help me to find you in silence,
to embrace you in mystery,
to know you in powerlessness,
to trust you in the darkness.

   —October 11, 2017

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