My grace is sufficient for you,
         for power is made perfect in weakness

                        —2 Corinthians 12.9

God of power, I fail before you gladly.
I cede my fantasy of strength.

My weakness is the vacuum you enter.
Unable, I stand on the earth of you.

In struggle you are my strength.
In defeat, you are my victory.

You hallow my falterings and fallings;
in my failures you stand like a tower.

Only in the sabbath of not doing
do I behold your being.

In the unformed abyss of my helplessness
you are the brooding Spirit, the creating voice.

Unable, I cease what can be attempted,
and risk becoming what can only be received.

Give me the courage of weakness,
to open myself to your power.

I am the negative space in which you become,
the nothing in which all things sing.

You are the bell; I am the hollow space.
I am the silence; you are the music.

   —July 2, 2018


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