A national prayer

God of all Nations, we pray for our nation,
for the gifts of gratitude and humility,
for the courage to be gentle,
the greatness to be generous,
the character to be decent to all people.
Make of us by your grace a nation of kindness.
Grant us the divine gifts
of hospitality, compassion and mercy.
We pray for the transformation of our leaders,
the just sharing of our wealth
and the reconciliation of our people.
Open our eyes to our sin and our hearts to your grace.
We pray that we may repent of our violence and greed,
and be freed of the demons of injustice and oppression.
Relieve us of the terror in our hands
and the cruelty in our hearts.
Bless our diversity, discipline our power,
heal our fear, and soften our hearts.
Give us wisdom to see the consequences of our actions.
Calm the fretful among us, and shield the powerless.
Give us faith to serve one another.
Raise us up as a people of love and courage,
a beacon of hope and and dignity and belonging,
a nation of justice and peace and mercy.
May we shed all vanity and conceit
and live in true harmony and deep joy,
trusting in your mercy, and grateful for your grace,
for the sake of the healing of the world.

   —July 4, 2018


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