A sower went out to sow… 
—Matthew 13.3

God will sow the seed of herself in you
and sometimes you won’t know it.
Sometimes you’ll suspect but not trust.
Sometimes you’ll believe but chicken out.
Sometimes you’ll do your best to receive but fail.
And sometimes grace will bear fruit in you.

You’ll need to forgive
and sometimes you won’t try,
or try and get hung up on your own deserving,
or get discouraged when the other doesn’t get it.
And sometimes forgiveness will set you free.

God will sow you in the world
and sometimes you won’t belong.
Sometimes people will misunderstand.
Sometimes they’ll dislike you or use you.
And sometimes you’ll blossom.

Sometimes you’ll try to sow seeds of justice
but you’ll do a lousy job.
Or do it well, but folks will resist.
Or they’ll care but they’ll be overwhelmed by an unjust society.
And sometimes your witness will bear fruit.

All of it grace. All of it.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

July 9, 2020

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