Romans 8.1-11

In the grace of Christ Jesus there is no condemnation.
The Spirit’s life in you is the only law:
you are set free from the death sentence
of having to be good enough.
Instead of requiring us to be good enough
God just accepts us.
Jesus shows us our sinfulness—lives inside it,
occupies our own condemnation—and is accepted!

So we live “in the spirit,” in harmony with God,
not “in the flesh,” as if we are soloists,
under the illusion that we are separate beings
contained in our bodies, defined by our egos.
When we see ourselves as separate, ego-bound entities
we live out of self-centeredness.
But when we are conscious of our unity with God
we let God’s Spirit live in us.
To focus on our individual physical self is death:
we cut ourselves off from God, who is life.
But opening ourselves to our unity with God
gives us life and peace.

The heart that is focused on the self
can’t live in harmony with God.
But you are not an individual self:
you are part of God: the Infinite dwells in you.
In the Spirit we belong to Christ: we’re part of Christ.

So you’re as good as dead
because of your ego’s insistence on living as a separate thing;
but your whole, true person is truly alive anyway,
because the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is in you.
The one who raised Jesus from the dead
raises you, too, by living in you.
Cool, huh?

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

   —July 10, 2020

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