Say you are dead

When I die and go to heaven, I say,
I will see God.
And a voice says, Then die and go to heaven.
Sit until the silence buries you,
until your flesh seeps into the earth,
until your place forgets you,
and even your face does not remember you.
Then the voice in the silence will ask you
         Why are you here?
Just say you are dead.
You will be asked,
         Have you surrendered your earthly life? 
        Have you let go of all your loves,
         all your worldly troubles, wonders and delights?
Yes, say. I have died.
And God will take you up in their arms and hold you,

hold you for a long time,
and say
         Well, then. You have a lot to get used to.
         Welcome to the new world.
And God will kiss you
and set you down
in this world
and you will begin to breathe as if for the first time,
and learn to walk.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

July 13, 2020

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