You love someone unwell

You love someone who is not well.
They’re sick with something
they can’t overcome, at least not yet.
Sometimes they’re hurt by circumstances,
sometimes their choices work against them.
But you love them.
You will keep loving them,
being there for them, no matter what,
no matter how ugly it gets,
how brave or foolish they are.
You don’t know how this will turn out.
They may recover; they may not.
But you will be there for them to the end.
You won’t give up hope or commitment.
You will do what you can for their well-being,
gladly, no matter the outcome.
If they heal, it will be with your help.
If this is their last days,
you will fill those days with grace,
with love and light and blessing, and even joy
And you will be grateful to have been there
in those irreplaceable days.

The one you love
is the world.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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