Blessed are you who are poor,
           for yours is the Realm of God.
                           —Luke 6.20

The blessing is not in being poor.
   The blessing is that the realm of God is yours.

Your poverty, your hunger, your mourning
are circumstances.
   The presence, the fulfillment, joy of God
   are yours no matter what.

Your failures are mere passing breezes.
   But the grace given you is eternal as the stars.

Your riches, your fullness, your merriment,
they, too, are passing.
   But your belovedness is eternal.

Let the winds blow. Let them.
   You remain in the Beloved.

Weather Report

as light and shadow
flow around each other.
Conditions will remain unstable
except within,
which is subject to the constancy of love.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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