We will go on

We are surrounded by death,
and we are well, and we will be well.
We breathe in and breathe out.
We know we are dying,
and we dance on our graves.
We know how to love, how to forgive.
We know how to live for the well-being
of all life and nothing less—
and nothing less can sway us.
We have the courage that cannot fail:
in the face of evil, to choose kindness.
We are borne on untiring wings
older, and newer, than us.
We are carried by a current deeper
than gravity, stronger than time.
Our hope is not in the future
but a river already flowing.
We have already died and gone to heaven,
angels who can’t be prevented from blessing.
We are seeds of the One
who has already died and risen.
We will sing of justice and mercy
until the end days, for even at the end,
life throbs and thrills and burgeons with grace.
We will go on. We will be well.
We will die singing.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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