A king has been crowned,
someone elevated to a position
purely because of his birth. And yet— so are you.
Not by virtue of any skill or power,
nor seizing any throne,
but simply by your birth alone, you are God’s royalty,
honored and adored.
You have been chosen by God to bear justice in this world,
to guard the Realm and defend the poor.

You will not be heralded in the streets,
but in the heavens you are praised and prayed for,
precious in the Realm of God.

You have been given a crown of light,
a scepter of love, a sword of wisdom,
an orb of humility, a robe of beauty.
The coronation regalia may appear in your hands
as a coffee cup, a diaper, a gas pump, a walker.
But you reign in beauty and dignity.

Regardless of how the world sees you,
do not doubt your royal stature.
No one by their ignorance of your majesty
can dim your honor or depose you.
Carry yourself with regal poise.
You who are crowned by the sunrise, robed in love—
God save the royal one!

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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