God will give you another Advocate,
           to be with you forever.

                           —John 14.16

We’re familiar with the image of God as our Judge
(or, if we’re honest, maybe even prosecutor),
but that’s not how Jesus sees it.
The Holy Spirit is your Advocate— paraclete in Greek,
a person who accompanies you in a legal trial.
God is not your judge: God is your defense attorney.

God defends you against all society’s judgments:
whether you’re successful, good-looking, happy—
you know, normal.
And God defends you against all your own judgments:
whether you’re good enough, lovable, forgivable—
you know, worthy.

God advocates for you.
God is on your side, not against you.
God’s judgment is always in your favor,
not a verdict, but a promise:
“I favor you, now and always.”

All those charges against you—
not good enough, all that—
God has dismissed as spurious allegations.
Are you still hanging onto them?

God holds our souls in the light of love and says gently,
“I rest my case.”

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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