A litany for graduates

Leader: Today we honor you who are graduating,
for you are on a sacred journey.
All: Your journey is not only the learning of your mind
but the growing of your heart.

We celebrate the effort you have given to accomplish this.
And we ask God’s blessing for the journey yet to come.
May God always give you gifts of curiosity and discipline.
May God give you courage to explore new things.
May the Spirit work in you that in all you do you may serve God.
May the Spirit give you grace to do justice, to love kindly,
and to walk humbly with God.
May you know always that Christ goes with you.
We who have made many journeys give you our blessing.

By the grace of God, we surround you with our prayers.
Our spirits will go with you. For we too are pilgrims,
always learning, always by the grace of God beginning anew.

Go in peace, and serve God with joy. Amen.

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