A prayer for the Blessing of the Animals

Leader: God of love and beauty,
you have fashioned every creature with your hands.
All: You look upon every creature with your eyes.
You hold every creature in your heart.
So we pray for the creatures you have given us.
We give thanks for animals that give us companionship.
We give thanks for animals that help and serve.
We ask your blessing for animals we love.
We pray for good health and happy life for them.
May their presence comfort us,
their loyalty reassure us.
May the playfulness of puppies and the songs of birds
remind us always of your grace.
May all their differences of fur and feather,
great and small, remind us that you love us all.
In our care for them may we reflect your care for us.
God of all living, in all our different voices,
with barks and yips and purrs and chirps,
and with silence, too, we praise you,
we ask your blessing, and we trust your grace. Amen.

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