A prayer for a garden

God of Creation, all the earth is yours,
and all that is in it.
You have created this soil,
brought forth living things,
and nourished them with sun and rain.
Bless now this garden
as a source of joy and beauty.
Hidden in the soil
is the work of death and resurrection.
May it bear fruit in the lives of your beloved
with nourishment and beauty,
with joy and gratitude, with peace and rest.
May all creatures, great and small,
who draw near receive your blessing here.
As living things sprout and grow forth from this soil—
“the earth produces of itself, the sower knows not how”—
may your grace grow and bear fruit in us.
Bless this garden, and all who cherish it,
that it may be a sign for us
of your beautiful, miraculous, life-giving love. Amen.

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