I just returned from a nephew’s wedding
to a woman from Nepal. Amazing.
I now have dozens of new relatives
all over the world. A miracle.
How did I acquire this new family?
By two people’s love for each other.

Your love has power beyond your knowing.
Your faithfulness creates a real thing,
a living organism greater than you can see.
The flowing of your love
enables the flowing of much more love.

You are given; you are received.
You belong. You are related.

Imagine a world
in which we regarded one another, even strangers,
with the love of kin.
As our nine year old grandson said,
“I kind of think we’re all related—
you know, from Adam and Eve…”

Let your love and faithfulness
weave a miracle,
making strangers into family,
extending to the ends of the earth.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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